Tuesday, June 25, 2013


. . . in answering these questions from Ate's school!

It is harder than I think!

These questions left me speechless and thinking over a couple of days!  Haha!  (Nah, I just couldn't come up with a decent answer, haha!).  I guess I'm at a loss for words, I can't fully explain what I want to say.  I can't because I feel (in my book) that I am still new at Parenting that I couldn't really put a claim on a "style".  My Parenting is really a mix of everything . . . from what I've seen from my parents, from books, advice from my Mommy friends, my own beliefs, instincts and gut feel.  

Answering this questionnaire brought me back to my Philosophy class in College.  We had a quiz one day and only had to answer ONE question. . . "How do you convince an in-born blind man that an apple is red?"

---- Insert cricket sounds here ---- 

See. . . it was a speechless and thinking moment right?  Haha!  
Anyway, I've finished answering the questionnaire.  It was not easy answering the questions but it was a good opportunity for me to look at myself as a parent and how I can become a better one.  =) 

Oh just in case you're wondering what was the answer to our Philosophy quiz. . . if you let the blind man touch and feel the apple, or let him taste it, and tell him that is "Red", you've already convinced him!  . . . Because he never had a concept of what "Red" is in the first place =)

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