Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SkinFood's Gold Kiwi Emulsion

When I got pregnant, one of the things I put off doing was my daily beauty routine which consists of a toner and a moisturizer.  (This is just me being paranoid about the contents of beauty products that may harm the baby.  If you're pregnant and would like to maintain your routine, it's best to consult your doctor)

After giving birth and after the countless sleepless nights, I felt tired!  My eyes showed it and my skin just looked dull and tired too!  Haha!  So during a trip to the mall, when my sister went to SkinFood (a Korean brand of make-up and beauty products) looking for a lip tint (she was happy with her purchase by the way), I asked the Sales Associate what she can recommend for a mom who wants to rejuvenate her skin!  She recommended the GoldKiwi Emulsion.  I actually found it pricey compared to the moisturizers I've been using.  But the thought of using a product which was made from natural fruit products made it appealing to me.

Product Details (from SkinFood's website):
Moisture-rich, skin-whitening Gold Kiwi Emulsion restores and renews your skin from deep under, using a substance found in goldkiwis.

The emulsion's consistency is not thick and has a nice scent.  The thing I like most about it is it feels light on the skin.  Also, using a small amount of it can cover the whole face already. 

After a month of using it . . . when I took this photo while Ate and I were goofing around . . .

This photo has no filter

I noticed that my skin got smoother and more radiant.  When I bought it, I didn't know that this emulsion also had a whitening effect.  I only learned about it when I went to Skin Food's website.  This product had me at "renewing and restoring the skin", the whitening effect was a bonus!    

As they say, never be afraid to try something new.  I was happy with what I was using before but I'm glad I tried this and it turned out to be better for me. =)

For more details about Skin Food and its product line, please click here.

Disclaimer:  The effect of using skin care and beauty products varies from one person to another. Notes and observations about this product are based on my experience.

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