Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Private Tutor

Iya, my 6 year old niece dropped by this afternoon so I told her to teach Ate some things.  (Then I went on to tell her what to ask/teach Ate) 

This is what happens when you hire a 6-yr old tutor:

Iya:  What is the name of your teacher?

Ate:  Pauuuu (Ate got it right)

I:      How many years old are you? (I told her what the right question was)

I:      (Take Two) - How old are you?

A:     Twooo (and Ate even raised two of her fingers to show what's "two")

I:      What's your name?

A:     No answer

I:       It's Ja-ni-na  - Say JA

A:     JA

I:      NI

A:    NI

I:     NA

A:    NA

I:     Janina!

A:   Twoooo 

I:     Nooooo. . . again, again

Repeat this several times, haha!  

And after a few trys, Ate did say her name. . ."NANANA"

Until our next lesson Iya!

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