Monday, March 10, 2014

Toilet Training Woes

Toilet training is one thing that we're dealing right now . . .unsuccessfully.  *Sigh*

I've read that Kids would do it in their own time, when they feel that they are ready and that they shouldn't be forced to do it.  But then when I see and hear about other kids that are her age (and some are even younger than her!) who have already learned to let go of their diapers, I can't help but feel the pressure, haha!

We tried the potty trainer which she didn't use at all!  She preferred to sit on the toilet so I bought her a baby toilet seat to use.  She actually knows when it's time for her to go. . . she just wouldn't sit on the toilet.  I even showed her that Mommy sits on the toilet so she wouldn't be afraid to do it.

I also borrowed a book at her school which I thought was perfect for us!

The story is about Ducky and his friend Piggy who can't come out to play because Piggy is in the potty.  Ducky realized that it's time to be like Piggy, to let go of his diaper and sit on the potty.  

So I read this book to the Princess so many times and emphasized (like EMPHASIZED!) on how Ducky kicked his diaper because the diaper is wet and heavy and that sitting in the potty/toilet is better!

Then I asked her (and I sounder like a coach who was giving her team a pep talk!) after reading the story:

Me: Sooo, do you want to be like Ducky and Piggy?  Piggy uses the potty and Ducky KICKED his diaper because it was WET and HEAVY?!

And she gamely answered with a loud voice and said . . .

Princess: NOOOO!!!!! I want to be an elephant!

Me: *Facepalm* --- (have I mentioned that there's no elephant in the story?!)

So yes, I am stressing over this toilet training thing!  Wish us luck!!!  I neeeeddd it!!!!

Any tips?!

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