Monday, March 10, 2014

My New Favorite Number!

Eight is my favorite number because a) it has been said (for the Chinese) that it's a lucky number and b) our wedding date is on the 8th too.

But I just found my next favorite number!

Yesterday morning, the Princess and I were doing puzzles (the puzzle's design shows the numbers 1-20).  I know that she already knows her 1-10 so I don't expect her to know the rest of the numbers.

But I was wrong!

She saw this puzzle piece

And shouted. . . "Double 1!!!" (Haha!)

Anyway, so I told her, that's the number Eleven.  (But the little girl has a point, it is a Double 1!)
I am surprised (and proud) that she used the word "double" and came up with her own "number". Haha!

Now I'm afraid to show her my tops size, hahaha!  

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend full of good laughs! =)

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