Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Growing up, we have probably heard this question a million times!  I always answered, "I want to be a doctor!" only because my parents are doctors.  There were days I wanted to become a cashier or a singer (though I can't carry a tune).  I also imagined having my own store, or that I was a bank teller!  

As I grew older, when I had to choose what Degree to take up in the University, I still didn't know what I want.  However, there was one thing I was sure of. . . I didn't want to become a doctor! Haha!

One thing that I learned from my parents was to choose something that I really like and one that is interesting for me because earning a Degree isn't easy.  They were probably hoping that I would consider becoming a doctor but they never imposed.  They were there to guide, to advise but they never imposed and that is one thing I appreciate about them.  Making our own choice was what mattered most.

So I went to the University, took up something which sounded . . . umm nice, haha!  (If you're wondering what it was, it was a Double Degree in Applied Economics and Marketing).   No, I didn't get the chance to apply what I learned but I did get to do a job that I really, really loved and this is one thing that I'm grateful for in my life! =)

To my dear Princess, 

Choices are part of our everyday lives.  We can only hope (and pray) that we make the best one each time we have to do so.  Don't be discouraged if you make the wrong one.  You'll be surprised that the bumps along the way may actually be blessings in disguise.   

I wish that the future brings you where you want to be, where you can be your best and most especially where you will be happy =)

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