Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Cosmetic Calculator

Ladies (and it can be useful for Gents too!), I think you're going to love this!

I was going through my kikay "beauty" stuff when I saw a bottle of Clinique Toner which I haven't been using for quite some time.  Though there was no expiration date, it has the manufacturing date (2011).  However, I wasn't sure if it's still safe to use so I went online hoping to find some answer.

Then I came across the . . . Cosmetic Calculator!!! (Angels singing Alleluia in the background!  Heehee)

All you have to do is select in the drop down list the brand of the cosmetic/beauty product (the site supports a LOT of products ranging from Bath and Body Works to Chanel!) you want to inquire about and input the "batch code" (I really don't know what to call those numbers, haha!) which is found on the product.  I think finding the right code to use is the tricky part.  I had to do it several times for Clinique.  To see if this site works, I tried inquiring about another brand (Kiehl's).  There was a code in the product label which was more distinct compared to Clinique's. 

I'm happy to say that the site actually works!  

The result turned out to be accurate because the manufacturing date listed on the product was indeed October 2012.  

This site is just so cooolll!  

Thanks to the Cosmetic Calculator, I know that I have to use the Clinique toner everyday. . . .because I only have until June of this year to use it!  Haha!

By the way, when you visit the site, the tab on Cosmetic Shelf FAQs is also helpful.  Please read the site's Disclaimer too =)

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