Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

The Princess is now at a stage where the "Whys" are starting to fly here and there. . .

Why she shouldn't put her fingers in her mouth
Why she can't play with the Rosary
Why do I have to use a sanitary napkin
Why she shouldn't eat that "stuff" from her nose
Why she has to love her baby brother

and the questions just keep coming. . .

Last Good Friday, we went around our City to see flagellants whipping themselves.  Some of them do it as an act of repentance for the sins they've done and some do it as a form of religious devotion.

I tried to explain to her (in a way that I hope she would understand) that they do this because they want to say sorry to Jesus.  

Princess:  Why?

Me: Because they did something bad and Jesus wasn't happy.

Princess: Why?

Me: They did something bad because. . . .(and I stopped, not sure of the answer!).  

And I wanted to tell her that God created us in His own image and likeness.  And that He loves us so much that He gave us the gifts of free will, intellect and choice.  But sometimes (probably most of the times!) we don't put these special gifts to good use that's why we fail ourselves and ultimately, we fail God for the choices we make.  But I have to make it simpler! 

It was not an easy thing to explain to her.  But it was a question that I wanted to ask myself too.  Why do we keep on doing bad things?!  So right there, while inside the van, in the middle of a busy street, I got a few minutes of personal reflection and repentance.  Thanks to a toddler who simply asked "Why"? 

As we celebrate Easter today, I wish that you find in your hearts the meaning of Easter in your life.  It may mean a new beginning, a chance to be a better person, a healing you've been praying for. . . or something that puts Hope and Love in your heart.  Whatever it is, I wish you a joyful heart today and always! =)

Happy Easter!!!

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