Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Little Big Girl

When I became a mom, I get to do my what I call "Computer" stuff --- which includes checking my mail, FB, catching up on my blog reading, etc. --- when the Little One takes her morning nap.    

My Little Girl at 6 months

This morning, I can't help but get sort of sentimental (must be this gloomy, rainy weather! Heehee) when I was looking at her while she's sleeping . . .
My Little Big Girl. . . . Now

She really has . . . .grown!  She is just 13 months. . . .I know, she doesn't look like one!  She already wears clothes sized for 3-4 years old!  Must be my genes, haha!  (When I was in Grade 1, a shoemaker called me "Big Foot" and there were some students in my school who thought I was a fifth grader!)

It's true what they say, kids do grow up fast . . . I think her pajamas say it all, haha!  She is slowly getting over her fear of walking by herself, she can do other things too which I posted here. She definitely knows what a fish looks like, her vocabulary is expanding ("mel" is milk, "pisss" is please, "men" is open, "ba" is bag, "tar" is star). . . oohhhh and "se-xy" means  Mama.  Actually, I prefer "gorgeous" but I think sexy is easier . . . for now, hahaha!  (Just kidding on this one!)

But as they say. . . some things never change

at 8 months
at 13 months

Yes my Darling, you have cute, chubby and irresistible fingers. . . that even I can't stay away from.

Thought of closing this post with this question. . .

What is one big thing my little big girl has? 
a GIANT rabbit!
They look good together noh? Hahaha!

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