Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY Shoe Bag

I wish I can claim that this is my DIY project, but it's not, haha!

I wanted a shoe bag for the Little One ever since I saw one from an online seller.  But I thought why spend if I have a Mom who can easily make one (she loves sewing. . . A LOT!).  The bags are not exactly the same but hey, they still serve the same purpose. 

So I asked my mom to make a shoe bag for the Little One and just told her what I had in mind.  I'm glad we had some remnants from the pillow covers she made for the Little One.  She even managed to find a drawstring (somewhere, haha!) that even matched the cloth!     

So after some cutting, folding and stitching. . . VoilĂ !

Mom made a shoe bag which has two compartments (though this was really a result of miscommunication, hahaha!  But I think it worked better!  But I still asked her to make some single shoe bags)

Shoe bag made with Grandma's love!  

Definitely Priceless! =)

Thank you Mommy dearest! XOXO 

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