Sunday, July 22, 2012

Travel tips from a 5-yr old

Zola's Dad went back to the US a couple of weeks ago . . .it's sad to see him leave (again) but the thought that we will be seeing him in September (our turn to visit him) somehow made saying our goodbyes easier.  Visiting him in LA is something the Little One and I are looking forward to!  But there is one thing I'm worried about right now (just thinking about it makes me anxious) is . . .travelling with my 1 year old!  (Yes, it's just me and the Little One!)     
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She was manageable (she really did good!) during our 8 hr road trip to Ilocos but to be in a 12 hour flight is another story.  I've started reading mommy blogs on their travel experiences with their toddlers.  Based from what I've read, one thing I did right was to get the Little One her own seat! Haha!  And if there's one thing I hope and pray for. . .is we get to sit next to understanding and patient passengers. . . .who love kids, who would understand a curious toddler who won't sit still and I hope I don't get the "evil eye" when the Little One becomes fussy (please Lord, no tantrums please) .

I am also thankful to my 5 year old niece, Iya, who gave me some "travel tips" (her own).  According to her:
1) Do not feed the baby when you are in plane so she won't throw up. (My dear baby girl, NO throwing up pls., haha!)
2) Give her Benadryl . . . EVERY HOUR! (Gasp! *Mouth wide open*)
3) Before you go out of the plane, your passport should be ready. (Makes sense)

Thank you Iya, I'll keep these in mind. . .though I have to check with the Pediatrician about Benadryl, haha!

For now, wish me (us!) luck!  I'm sure that flying with the Little One is going to be an adventure (that I'm looking forward to) and a challenge (I'm willing to take!).

The Little One playing in her Papa's luggage (while he was packing)

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