Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Monday! (It's the little things . . .)

Another week has started. . . and I know we're all back to leading our busy lives.  I hope that amidst the busy schedule and countless "things to do" in our list, we don't forget the beauty brought about by the "little things" . . .  a spontaneous weekend trip, coffee (and dessert!) with friends, a movie date with hubby (with a big tub of popcorn), a handwritten letter, wet kisses and hugs from our children or just simply lazing around the bed with our loved ones (these and MORE!).  These are "little things" that matter most . . . .and they certainly  make up the best memories!   

Have a great week ahead!  Wishing everyone a dose of the "little things" everyday. . . and always   =)

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