Friday, June 29, 2012

Wish List

If there's one thing I wish that malls in Philippines would have. . . it would be . . . FAMILY RESTROOMS!

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - family-restroom
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I saw the benefit of having family restrooms when I visited Zola's Dad in the US.  We didn't have the Little One back then but I saw the convenience it offered  to parents who have kids in tow.  Parents can help each other with nappy changes and for some with bigger families, it is easier to manage all kids in using the restroom at the same time.

Changing the Little One's nappy in the mall is quite challenging since she does not like lying down in the changing table.  I would gladly welcome an extra pair of hands!  So I got excited when I saw a Family restroom in Marquee Mall! (since family restrooms are not common in the Philippines)  However my excitement was short-lived because it was still closed! *sigh*  But it's okay. . . I'm just glad that somebody has thought of including family restrooms in their facilities.  It's a good start!  

Thanks Ayala Land (they operate Marquee Mall) for making your mall family friendly!  I hope there are more malls who would follow and provide the same amenities =D

Have a nice weekend ahead everyone!

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