Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Tummy, Happy Mommy

When Zola’s Dad and I were still dating, one of the things we always argue about . . . is where to eat! Haha!  And it still happens, until this day.  We already came up with a way on how to address this never-ending discussion . . . I give him choices and he decides!  (I’m thankful though that he has the knack of knowing what I want to eat!  So I actually end up eating what I'm really craving for!  Haha!)

So during lunch today (we were at the mall), I narrowed down the list and gave him these choices. . . "Japanese or Chinese food?"  He picked Japanese (I was secretly hoping he would!  Haha!) so we went to Tempura Grill, one of our "go-to" restaurants.

For appetizers, we had the Dynamite Ebi Roll . . . 
It has a crispy Ebi filling, Kani, mango, asparagus and a mild spicy sauce 

It was good, but I wish it had more crrrunch . . .But I'll still order this again =)

Zola's Dad ordered Tori Teriyaki . . .it was just okay.  He prefers his chicken cutlet grilled than fried.

And I had Ameyaki . . .a family favorite! 
Cream Dory Fish fillet with fried shredded potatoes and asparagus spears 

This dish usually comes with spinach but the Kitchen didn't have any so they substituted spinach with asparagus spears.  Love the crunchiness of the shredded potatoes which give this dish texture when you eat it (Haha!  OMG, I'm such a "trying hard" food blogger!)  Bottom line is, I highly recommend this dish! =)

And a personal favorite. . . Tofu Teppanyaki!

It has everything I love. . .tofu, chicken and shiitake mushrooms!  We didn't get to eat this anymore, we were so full, we just took it home! =D  

By the way, we got the last dish for free!  Thanks to our wonderful server who told us about this promo!  For SM Advantage Cardholders, you can get this dish if your bill amounts to Php 1,000.  (If you eat in Tempura Grill, I suggest you ask your server the promos they currently offer)  

Now you know what we're having for dinner! Haha!  

Hope you had a wonderful day today . . . Just like we did  =D  

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