Saturday, May 23, 2015

Marikina Eats: Concho's Sisig

Last month, Hubby and I went to Marikina (their village's address is actually in San Mateo, Rizal but since it sits in the boundary of Marikina and Rizal, I still call it Marikina, haha) to check on their family's house and to do an errand at the City Hall.  Since we were in the Marikina area, I was thinking of a place of where we can have late lunch since Marikina is fast becoming a foodie haven now just like Kapitolyo and Maginahawa St.  Thanks to hubby, he remembered the sisigan place that Kris Aquino featured in her Kris TV show.  This place is co-owned by Kean Cipriano, a Filipino band singer/actor who (I've read) goes to the restaurant to check on it occasionally.  So if you're a fan of Kean, you might want to try eating in this place, you  might just see him!  If I remember it right (as shared in Kris TV), this sisig was a recipe of their driver (if you know the story, please feel free to correct me and I'll update this post). . . and as they say, the rest is history. 

So what did we have? 

We ordered the Sisig Super Size (good for 2-3 persons) . . . and isang bandehadong kanin please! (Haha!)

We loved the sisig, it was good!  If you like your sisig to be all meat (yep, no other "special parts"), this is for you!  Hubby liked the way it was cooked.  This sisig had vinegar dip to go with it.  While it was not super special (because you can also get good sisig somewhere in the Metro), it is good in itself.  If you are in the Marikina area and you are craving for some sisig, go to this place. =)  

Beef Salpicao

What I like about their Salpicao is it has lots. . .LOTS of garlic! (No kissing allowed after, haha!)  I like that the meat was cut into bite-size pieces.  However, I want my salpicao to be more on the savory side.  This has a certain sweetness in it.  In my not-so-expert opinion, it has probably some oyster sauce?  Also, I find it pricey (at Php 350).  

For the Princess, we ordered Mac and Cheese (which came with pandesal) for her.  I found it a little bit dry and prefer it be cheesier.

Concho's ambiance is simple, casual, come as you are type of atmosphere which makes it a nice neighborhood joint where friends and families can relax, drink and enjoy their food.

For your reference, here is the restaurant's menu:

Concho's Home of Sisig Goodness
#48 Lilac St., Marikina City

Going to this place, we actually missed it!  It was at the second floor of a building (on top of a Metropole laundry shop).  The building is in front of the village gate of Ranchero 1 Estate.

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