Monday, June 1, 2015

Savory Sunday

Our family loves Chinese food!  (Actually, who doesn't? Haha)  We have our favorite Chinese restaurant but sometimes you just want to go and try other places. . .that also serve Chinese food, haha! (Chinese food pa rin!)  

The Classic Savory Restaurant is one place that we go to for some Chinese food fix. People come here to have a taste of their famous chicken (which they have been serving since the '50s). 

This is Half-order of the Original Savory Chicken

We also ordered another chicken dish (the Glazed Chicken) which I've loved since the first time I tried it a couple of years ago.  This Korean-like fried chicken is a winner in my book!  Even my picky eater loves it!  I am glad it still tastes good (and crunchy!) as how I remember it.

One thing that is also good is Savory's Shrimp Relleno Roll.  It's like eating lumpiang shanghai with a big shrimp in the middle, haha!   

We ordered two types of noodles . . .

Pancit Bam-i

Miki Bihon Binondo

*The noodles weren't served looking like this, I took a photo after some of us got some pancit. 

I know, I know they just look the same, haha!  The difference is just the noodles that they used.  Both are tasty and good and they didn't scrimp on the ingredients!  I love that there is Kikiam and squid balls on them, heehee.  Between the two, I prefer the Miki Bihon only because I like Bihon.  But both are yummmmeh! 

We had a good lunch which means I was happy for the rest of the day because a happy tummy also means . . . A HAPPY MOMMY!

If you haven't visited Savory for some time, hope the above photos give you reasons to do so.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

For more details about Savory's menu and locations, please visit their web page.

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