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LA Eats: Where we get Thai Food in LA

I know two girls who are going to Bangkok this week (you know who you are because you read my blog! Haha!) and they have been busy planning their itinerary which includes shopping (of course!), Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Elephants, Floating Market, Ayutthaya AND I told them the most important thing is to go. . . .on a FOOD TRIP!  

I wish I can go with them because I miss Thai food!  

Before going to the Philippines last March, Hubby and I are in a "Thai food frenzy".  I think we've been eating Thai food every weekend! Haha!  We've tried different Thai restaurants (both near and far from home) and would like to share with you where we get our fix for our Thai food cravings in LA.

To two of my best girls. . . have a safe trip, enjoy Thailand and have an amazing and memorable vacation!  


Warning: This post is loaded with food photos and may trigger food cravings for Thai food after =)

Panvimarn Thai Cuisine
4101 N Bellflower Blvd,
Long Beach, CA 90808
Their website

This is the first Thai restaurant we ever tried in LA (around five years ago).  Love the place, the ambiance (it has modern decors/interiors), good service and good food!  All the things we've tried are always a hit!

Clockwise (from L to R): Sticky Rice and Coconut Ice Cream,
Softshell Crab Curry, Thai Style Baby Ribs 

Here are our favorite items in the menu:

Thai BBQ Pork - always tender! 
It's a little bit on the sweet side so I'm sure Filipinos will love this because it is reminiscent of our own BBQ.

Pad See Ew - my favorite!

I used to like Pad Thai noodles but after trying this dish, it's one thing I always order in all the Thai restaurants we've tried, haha!

Heavenly Como Fried Rice---it's really heavenly!  
My picky eater approves (it's her favorite thing here)! Our only complain?  It needs more rice!  Haha!
They sure don't scrimp on the ingredients.

After countless visits to Panvimarn, we thought of exploring other Thai restaurants.  Thanks to Yelp's help, we found some gems!

This led us to this place which is 25 miles away from our place!  Hubby said he couldn't believe he is driving 25 miles just to get Thai food!  Haha!  Actually, we were meeting a friend for lunch so we picked a place that is convenient for her.  

Sanamluang Cafe
5176 Hollywood Blvd
Los AngelesCA 90027

Two words. . . Parking and Cash!  Parking is a problem and bring cash, the place doesn't accept credit cards.  The restaurant shares the lot with other tenants so there is limited parking.  There is street parking available though.  We had a laaate lunch so the parking concern was manageable.

Clockwise from (L to R): Pad See Ew (Again! Haha), Shrimp Cakes, 
Pad Prik (Shrimp with Fried Chili, Bell Pepper and Onion)
Our favorite:

Fried Garlic and Pepper - we had to order a second plate! Haha!

Renu Nakorn Restaurant
13019 Rosecrans AVe
Ste 105, Norwalk, CA
Their FB page

Clockwise (L to R): Pad Thai Noodles,
Tod Mun Plar (Fried Fish Cakes), Thai BBQ

Hubby and I loved the Pad Thai Noodles, didn't care much for the Fish Cakes and he prefers their BBQ (better than Panvimarn's) because it wasn't sweet.

This next restaurant was special because this was where we had lunch after I took (and I passed!) my Driver's License written exam at DMV (Woohoo!).  I have yet to take my driving exam though.  I know I should have worked on this as soon as we moved to LA but I was just too afraid to fail, hahaha!    

Thai Nakorn Restaurant
11951 Beach Blvd
Stanton, CA 90680
Their Website

Left: Beef Penang                                 Right: Thai BBQ Chicken

The Beef Penang tastes so much better than it looks, haha!  Promise!  How do I describe it?   Filipinos would say . . ."sauce pa lang, ulam na!"  And I have no idea how to translate that to English, hahaha!  It basically just means that the sauce (sooo tasty and sooo good!) can be a meal in itself.  As for the Chicken on the right side, I found it dry.  Will have my Thai BBQ somewhere else.

Pad See Ew (again!) - This noodle just always hits the spot!
Btw, in our book, this noodle goes best with Beef

After looking through my photos again as I'm writing this blog post, all I can say is . . . I'm hungrrryyy and Thai Food is simply one of the best!

Wherever you are, whatever food you are having, Happy Eating!

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