Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Beauty Finds: Snoe Beauty Products

I'm not really into make-up.  My make-up would mean a light blush on the cheeks and some lipstick. IF I have time, I would put some BB cream and work on my eye brows.

While we were walking around the Metro Gaisano Dept. Store (in Marquee Mall here in our city), I was surprised to see a shelf full of Snoe (pronounced as snow-wee) Beauty products.

I heard about this Personal Care line from my younger sister (who learned about it from a friend) a couple of years ago.  Back then, the only way she can get hold of these products was by ordering online (through and I remember her being satisfied with her beauty haul. 

As I was checking Snoe's shelf, I was happy to see this particular shade of cheek blush!  I've been looking for something like this (the orangey, coral-ish shade/tone suits me better vs pinks) for some time now.

The name of this shade?  PATIENCE!
Something I need these days, Haha!

I also tried their Eye Brow Mascara  . . .

and Pore Erasing Powder on my nose. . .

I was so happy with the cheek blush because it looked natural and blended well (easily) into my skin. It was also easy to apply (I just used my finger tips, haha!).  I also like that this blush has natural ingredients like Amazonian clay.  As written in the box:
"Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin. . .It helps nourish and hydrate dry skin and restore complexion harmony. "
It also has Pomegranate, Acai Berry and Acerola Cherry which are great anti-oxidants.

As for the brow mascara (one of their bestsellers), I love the color (Khaki) and how it enhanced my brows.  The powder was just okay.  I have to try it again, haha!

The only concern I had was they are pricey.  The Cheek Blush is Php 899!

But I BELIEVE and I SUPPORT Filipino entrepreneurs (Snoe is proudly Philippine made) . . . so I did!

And I believe in taking care of one's self and doing whatever would make you feel good!    

My cousin got hold of these. . . . a Sun Block which smells sooo good (it contains Acai Berry and Singkamas extract!) and a Toner. (around Php 250 each) 

My sister swears by this Lippy Cheeky tint (also one of their customers' top picks) . . .

Snoe has LOOOTTTS of products to offer besides Make-up!  They have something for the Hair, Bath and Body, Skin and Acne treatment, etc.

Here's one that is interesting . . .

It has Botox Serum!

I'm loving their Hair Heroes' line as well . . .

Their Bestseller . . .an Intensive Conditioner with Morrocan Argan Oil!  My sister has tried this before and was happy about it.

Snoe products come in nice packaging and some of them even have cool and witty names like . . .

How cute ano?  Whoever thought of these names is a genius!

For more details about Snoe and its product line, please visit their web page (where you can also find their shopping site).

I've googled and found a blog post (Nov. 2012) which lists down their branches.  I am sure there are new additions to this list.  Hope you find one and be pleasantly surprised like I was! =)

Let's support our Filipino entrepreneurs!

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