Monday, June 1, 2015

Mall Finds: Shabby Chic Decors

You know you're getting old. . .when you actually enjoy going around the Home Section of Department Stores, even if you don't have anything to buy, haha!  (Well, in my book, hehe)

I am not really into interior decorating (and I'm not really good at it but I try my best to make our home pretty) but one of the TV shows I enjoyed watching yeeaarrrs ago (when I was still single) was Rachel Ashwell's "Shabby Chic".  Seeing a home filled with white, pink and dainty hues just looks clean, relaxing and homey.  
I remembered this show over the weekend because I saw some home decors in Robinson's (in Pampanga--- but I guess all Robinson's branches would carry these too) that spell shabby chic!  

Got a couple of these . . . things. . .containers (not sure what to call them, haha) below

Prices aren't bad at all. . . .

I wish I was a tea drinker! 

I love this wine rack. . .wish I was a wine drinker too!  Haha! 

Cuteness overload!

Fell in love with this distressed photo frame . . .just got to have it!   I am sure I have a place for it somewhere, haha. . .

I wanted to buy some more . . .if only I have a house like this!

Image from

If you are into the country home, shabby chic, rustic home decors, Robinson's have things that would inspire you in your home decorating projects! =)

Happy Shopping!

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