Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Hardest Pasalubong to Find!

A couple of Sundays, my sister and I had to (wanted to! ) go to the mall (something I miss doing with her since I moved to LA last year).  The kids had to stay home (Woohoo!  Freeedommm!  Haha!) because it was their nap time.  I told the Princess that  I will just get her a pasalubong (which means gift).

Me: What pasalubong do you want?

Princess: A Baby

My thought bubble: Great, another doll!

P: A Baby . . . Sister!

Me: Huh? (Wasn't sure if I heard it right)

P: I want a baby sister!

Me: Okay, we have to wait for you Papa then!  (She didn't ask why, haha, so I didn't have to explain to her what I meant. . . not now.  We will get there!)

After three hours. . .we were back home and as soon as she saw me at the door. . .

P:  Where's my baby sister?  Did you get my baby sister?  I want a baby sisterrrr!

Huney, I think it's time. . . . to get her a Baby Alive!  Haha!

The Princess meeting her baby brother for the first time! (2013)

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