Monday, June 15, 2015

LA Eats: Brodard Restaurant

When I was still working, I had the opportunity to go to Vietnam for a few days.  This happened a looooonnngg (ages!) time ago that I can't even remember if I went to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City! Haha!  But I do remember the nice people I've dealt with, being treated for dinner near a river, and being served fresh spring rolls, some noodle soup and a really good grilled fish!  All I can say is . . . I think Vietnam has probably one of the healthiest cuisines in Asia (in my book)!  I don't find it oily compared to the other food in Asian cuisine.

Since Hubby and I always eat Chinese, Japanese and Thai Food, we thought of trying some Vietnamese Food for a change.  So I went online for Yelp's help (as always!) and learned about Brodard Restaurant in Garden Grove.  

If Carson is home to a big Filipino community and Gardena has a large Japanese population, you can find a significant number of Vietnamese in Garden Grove and Westminister.  There are sooo many Vietnamese restaurants waiting to be explored!

Brodard is known for their Nem Nuong Con (Pork Spring Roll).  It is Grilled Pork Sausage wrapped in rice paper, with lettuce, cucumber, carrots, daikon, mint and chives.  One thing I like about their spring roll is the rice paper has just the right amount of thickness.

That brown thing below the sausage is crispy wonton wrappers 
which makes the spring roll even better!  Well, that . . . and the dipping sauce!

We also ordered other items in the menu which were just alright.

Pho Ap Chao - Crispy Thick Rice Noodles with Shrimp, Fish Cakes, Shrimp Paste, Vegetables in House special sauce

Banh Tom Co Ngu - Shrimp with Sweet Potato Tempura

For dessert, we tried this flan (on the left) and coconut jelly (on the right) . . . both  look better than they taste.  I will go to other places for dessert.

My thought bubble. . . "I should have gone to Lee's for Iced coffee!"  Haha!

We haven't been back since then because as I've mentioned in an earlier post, hubby and I were in a Thai food frenzy but I wouldn't mind going back again and have some more of the Pork Spring Roills and to try other things (more interesting) in the menu. 

Brodard Restaurant
9892 Westminister Ave.,
Garden Grove, CA 92844

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