Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Little Cinderella

I have shared with you about the Little One's mismatched socks in an earlier post.  Well, another thing has gone missing from the Little One. *heavy sigh*  

As the title suggests, I think you'll have an idea what it is. . .

She wore these flats when we went out for dinner last week.  I clearly remember putting BOTH shoes in her bag's side pocket (did I mention that the side pocket didn't have a zipper? hehe)  I guess the other shoe fell off . . . somewhere.  

So I am just really writing this post to vent out my frustration (haha!).  She only wore this pair once!  This time, there are no dogs to blame but myself. *Believe me, I'm smacking myself in the head right now*.  

I do hope this is the last one I am writing about something getting lost. *fingers crossed*

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