Monday, April 16, 2012

Wanted: Baker Mom

We always celebrate the Little One's monthly birthdays with a cake (it gives us a reason to eat cake! Teehee).  And today, for her 10th month birthday, I thought of making her cake for a change. . . just want to be clear,  I said "make". . .not "bake", haha!  (I can cook but I still have to learn how to bake)

And so I "whipped up" a birthday cake for her . . .*smiling proudly*

With Krispy Kreme Kruffins, Chocolates
and ofcourse, there has to be a candle!

Yes, it's another DIY project (trying hard!) by moi for the the Little One.  I know, I know, this is not "Baking".  It's really a toss-up between being creative or being resourceful? Haha!

Happy Birthday Little One!

You just amaze us everyday by showing us the things you learn
and making us listen on what you are TRYING to say.  
You never fail to make us laugh.
 Thank you for being our Sunshine. =)

Love always,
Papa and Mama

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