Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Of Flying Kisses and Xian

The Little One (at ten months) has learned to do the following things: clapping her hands, waving her hand to say bye-bye or hello, salute (her grandfather taught her this one), make "mano" (a Filipino tradition where one kisses the elder's hand to show respect), she puts the phone in her ear and knows how to use a toothbrush.  She is slowly expanding her vocabulary (which includes diaper, tummy, nose, teeth, tongue, milk) and recognizes  the other members of the family.  But there's one thing she just can't seem to do easily. . . to blow a flying kiss. (I knowww!!!  She can salute or make "mano" but she can't blow a kiss?!  Haha!)  But as they say, Repetition is important in teaching a child.  You would surely see so many flying kisses being blown at our home everyday!

But this afternoon, while watching TV, I saw her put her hand over her mouth and OMG, did a "flying kiss." (Woohoo!)  We didn't tell her do it.  She just suddenly blew one when she saw this TV commercial. . . or shall I say . . . . when she saw "him".

"Him" is Xian Lim, a Filipino-Chinese model and actor.  I don't know if it was because of McDonald's or because of Xian, haha!

At any rate, guess this means that we have the same taste, we both love McD AND Xian! Haha!

I have to get Star Studio's latest issue for her then (I mean for us. . .teehee)

Photo Source

Who knows, the magazine might come in handy. . . just in case she won't do her flying kiss again!

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