Sunday, April 1, 2012


Since it's April Fool's Day today, I was supposed to post this pix and blog about my "so-called" first attempt in baking!  But I think no one would EVER believe me because this doesn't look like it was baked by a first-timer!  Haha!

So I just have to confess that today was my "cheat day"!   I usually have good eating habits during weekdays and "reward" myself on weekends (teehee).  I had this blueberry cheesecake for afternoon merienda (snacks) and probably tonight for dessert (I'll think about it, haha!)  

Just like in a car's rear view mirror . . .
Object may appear larger than it is! *wink*

I had a really nice weekend with my sister and the Little One. . . thank you sis for the weekend treat!  XOXO

Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend!

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