Thursday, April 12, 2012

Food Find: Clara Olé's Kung Pao Pasta Sauce

I've read about this pasta sauce from My Mom-Friday's blog.  Her preparation of the pasta reminded me of Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan pasta.  I haven't had this for a while so I thought of trying it and see if we can actually have our favorite pasta from Yellow Cab at home!  (Or at least something that is closer to it. . . )

The cooking direction actually just calls for heating the sauce and pouring in the noodles.  But being the "sauté queen" that I am (Haha!), I sautéed the chicken with garlic, onion and bell peppers, poured the sauce (which  smells good by the way!  I can smell its sweetish, salty, chili flavor while simmering it---it is Charlie Chan-ish!) and the noodles and voila! .. . .

It actually tastes okay, it is worth trying.  I think it would be perfect if I didn't dilute the sauce with a little bit of water (I added a little bit of water because we minimize our salt intake at home)
I would definitely buy another pack and the next time I cook it, I will remain true to the Charlie Chicken pasta which we love. . . it will have roasted peanuts, shiitake mushrooms and spring onions!

Clara Olé also offers other pasta sauces which will definitely be part of our kitchen pantry  =)

Happy Cooking!

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