Friday, October 11, 2013

All About Joyce

I'm baaacckkk!!!   

There are a couple of reasons why I haven't blogged for a week. . . writer's block (okay, I don't really consider myself a writer, i'm just using this term!  Heehee) AND things have just been pretty busy lately at home. =)

I have something to share with you, something close to my heart and one of my favorite topics . . . food! Haha! This post is all about  "Joyce" . . . Joyce's Homemade Foods!

I got a taste of some of her goodies last weekend at the Bakers' Dozen Fair at the Rockwell Mall.  I think the Mall has this food fest every weekend.  There were so many food stalls that sell their goodies like Costa Brava (known for their Caramel Cake, but I love their Marshmallow Cake more!  Because it reminds me of the "old school" Birthday Cake I grew up with.  Oh and their Chicken pie was also good), Bronuts, Cru Kitchen (I love their fudgy bites) to name a few.  

One of the stalls where I tried and bought a few things was Joyce's Homemade Foods.  There were three dips/spread that you can try:  Quezo de Bola, Dulong in Olive Oil and Portobello Mushroom.  Everything is good!  I don't eat Dulong but I liked Joyce's because the "fishy" taste isn't overpowering.  But it was the Portobello Mushroom dip that won us over.  (Mom just made her own Quezo de Bola pimiento spread, the only reason why I didn't get one of Joyce's!) 

Ate loved their Melba Toasts!

Portobello Mushroom Love!
Mushroom + Garlic + Olive Oil = Happiness in a Bite! =)

Just when I was about to leave, I saw that Joyce's Butter Rum Cake was included in Inquirer's 24 Best Desserts.  So I got a mini bundt that we can try.

Light, Buttery and Moist --- Now I know why it was in the list!

Below is a list of Joyce's other goodies (got this from their FB page) which we can try and something to consider when looking for gifts ideas for this Christmas. =)

For more details/inquiries, please visit their FB page.

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