Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rocking Red Lipstick

Growing up, I would wear my Mom's high-heeled shoes.

I think all little girls love wearing Mommy's shoes!

As for Ate, well, love for make-up came before the shoes, haha! =)

Somebody is playing with the lipstick! =)

Which reminds me, I should ask my Mom what the brand of her lipstick was (Ate used played with her lipstick) because it's long-lasting!  It is!  Because it took me more than a few scrubs to clean the nipple, haha! 

Uma-Anne Curtis sa red lipstick! =)  
I must say she did a pretty good job applying it.
Yep, it was all her!

She started her day with a bottle of milk and a swipe of (bright) lipstick that put her in a good mood!

Make sure you have a tube because you might just need it someday =)

on a bad day, there is always lipstick
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Sugar and Spice said...

nakakaloka sa ka-cute-an si madam my gulay!!! ;)) i think you will have your hands full with this little girl talaga lalo na when she grows up!!

Ana said...

Hi Mommy Jane! Haha! Kanino kaya siya nagmana? haha! Naku, ngayon pa lang, my hands are full na! I hope she grows up to be sweet as your kids =)

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