Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Loving Spectrum

One of my most favorite hotel buffets is that of Spectrum's in Fairmont Hotel.  The main reason being. . . I love their dessert spread (I have a sweet tooth). . . ALL of it!  It is probably the only hotel buffet where I loved all the dessert selection.  And this is the reason (well dessert spread for me and suckling pig for Hubby, haha!) why we went back just a week after a couple of good friends treated us for dinner (Thank you again M&M!).

Spectrum's buffet spread is not as extensive as the other hotels but I'm happy and satisfied with what they offer. 

They have the standard food stations found in hotel buffets:  Salad Bar (they make a really gooood Caesar Salad dressing!), Bread, Cheese and Cold Cuts Station, Seafood, Chinese Roastings (Suckling Pig and Peking Duck), Dimsum and Noodles, Pizza and Pasta (we loved their Pasta), Carving Station.  There is enough (more than enough actually) to eat.  We didn't even get to try the Main Dishes since we were already happy with the few things that we love!  

Love these wraps!
Roast Beef was okay

The reason why Hubby was a Happy Camper!  
And this is the reasons why I was, Haha!

I love everything in this plate!  
If you ask me which tops my list, it would be the Mango Panna Cotta
and the freshly-baked Choco Chip cookie!

My most favorite was the Chocolate Brownie

They even have Taho
Here's something  we don't see often in a dessert spread . . .Honeycomb!  I wasn't feeling adventurous enough to try it.  Hubby did and I asked him how it was. . . he said it was sweet, chewy and  has an "earthy flavor" (whatever that means!  Haha!)

I asked him to try the Mascarpone Cheese with Honey too

He liked it. . . better with Halayang Ube!  Haha!  (Huney, you make me laugh even when you talk about food!)

Let me end this post with a note to Hubby. . . .

Dearest Hun, 
You're my "Honey" and I'll be your "Ube". . . 
(Okay, let's stop this cheesiness!)

I wish I had more pictures to share but as they say. . . "the soul is willing but the flesh is weak"!  Haha! It was so weak. . . we were hungry that I have to put my camera down so we can enjoy the buffet goodness. =) 

Oh and I have to say, all the restaurant's staff were superb which made our dining experience extra special.

If you want to read a more detailed review about Spectrum by food bloggers, here are some links:

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