Monday, January 27, 2014

(More than) A Million Dollar Question

One of the TV shows I like watching in the past was "Kids Say the Darndest Things" (hosted by Bill Cosby).  The kids are so smart, funny and just plain honest with what they have to say. 

I know that there will come a time that my little ones would be able to express their own opinion and rationalize too.  And of course, there will be the never-ending WHYs and HOWs too.  But I've got time to prepare, I have a couple of years more for my eldest.  What I forgot is that I also have a curious 7 year old niece who has a good habit of asking questions =). 

One day, she came up to me and asked. . .

"Ta-ta, why is there a dirty finger???"


*A few seconds of shock. . . my jaw dropped---Insert the sound of chirping crickets here*


She took the term literally, I think she wanted to know why there is a finger that is called "dirty".

I'm not ready for this!  Haha!

And if you're wondering how I answered that question. . . 

Well, I didn't. . . I told her to go and ask her parents!  Haha!

Have you been asked (More than) A Million Dollar questions too? =)

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