Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just Laugh!

I went to the mall with the little girl to buy a few things.  I drove, I parked, I went to a computer shop to buy a couple of ink cartridges, we walked, I took the little girl for a ride at the carousel, we walked a little bit more to go to the book store.  We spent some time around the place, browsing, looking for things that I need, something for her too. . . until finally, we were done and were at the cashier to pay for our stuff.  While waiting at the cashier, I brushed my hair with my hand and my hand brushed a part of my face and then. . . I felt something on it!

There was a SMILEY face on my face!  Eeeeeppp!  Haha!  

Ate gets a smiley face from her teacher when they are done for the day which she sometimes sticks on me.  I completely forgot about having one that day and removing it before leaving the house!

So yes, I was walking and doing all the things I've mentioned above with a smiley on my face! 

I probably looked something like this . . . 

while walking around the mall!  Haha!

"As long as you can laugh at yourself, you will never cease to be amused."
- Unknown quote 

Hope you had a smiley and an amusing kind of day today! =)

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