Monday, January 13, 2014

Stop . . .in the name of Love!

The little girl has graduated from Barney and is getting high with Hi-5!  She actually watches the original Hi-5 members that when I show her the music videos of the current group members. . .ummm, they just don't spell Hi-5 to her, haha!

We have a couple of Hi-5 DVDs and we watch more from You Tube.  She doesn't even mind watching the same videos over and over.  The other day, we watched a video which  played a particular song I like (because it has a catchy tune and the lyrics were easy to remember, heehee) so I started singing along.  I sang because more than anything, I want my little girl and me to do and enjoy the things she love . . . together.

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As I was singing my heart out (and I really was!), she looked at me and said, "Mama. . . stop."

Hahaha!  My little girl wasn't impressed!  (My dear Voice, you have failed me!)

I'm sure you've heard too many times that kids don't lie. . . .I guess that means. . .I really suck at singing??!

Oh well, tell me something I don't know, haha!

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