Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Ramen Fix in LA - Ramen Yamadaya

I love Ramen!  I knew where to get one back home in Philippines.  But now that I am in LA, I have some homework to do! =)  We just googled for Ramen places in LA and saw one (Ramen Yamadaya) which is near our place and is also rated well.

One weekend, we decided to go and try it.  It is situated near a freeway exit and sits in a lot which includes a laundromat, a couple of shops and a convenience store.  It was such an unassuming place that you wouldn't think that it is included in the 12 best noodle spots in LA (as listed by Zagat).  I was surprised to see how small the place was that I quickly told my husband (who was just about to park) to turn around, haha!

Okay, not that I am picky or snooty!  For the record, I love exploring the hole in the wall kind!  But if you have two toddlers in tows who are sleeping (and that means two strollers!), you need some space.  I think you will understand where I am coming from when you see the next photo.   

I knew we will come back. . .  when we only need to bring one stroller, haha!

And we did.  The Princess wanted to eat some noodles so we thought this would be our chance to go back to Ramen Yamadaya because our Prince is sleeping (again!).  

Welcome to Ramen Yamadaya!

Did I tell you that it was a small place?  Haha! (22-seater).

And yes, that's our table (by the corner) and stroller (lower left in the photo).

The Menu

We have been to this place twice already (after I said "No", hehe)

Here are the things we have ordered. . . everything we had was good!

Takoyaki Balls - my favorite =)

Tori Kara-age

Pork Tonkatsu-curry

Chicken Teriyaki
Tonkotsu Ramen

Goes without saying that Ramen Yamadaya has been our go-to place for our Ramen fix.  We always leave with happy and satisfied tummies! =)  

If there's one thing you can take away from this post is. . . . Don't judge a book by its cover!

Haha! =)

For more details about Ramen Yamadaya and their locations, please visit their website.

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