Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just A Hodge Podge of Photos

I read a quote (by Henry Ward Beecher) which says  . . . "The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things."

Nice ano?

Sometimes we don't see or we take for granted the beauty of little things and the happiness that they can bring.

So I would like to share with you some random photos of things that have put a smile on my face or have fascinated me in one way or the other. . . no matter how trivial or insignificant they may seem to be.

Here is something I saw at a playground.  I love that it displays basic Spanish phrases. =)

Habla Español?

I also find joy in small details!  

I love these hooks I saw in a fitting room. It makes fitting your items more organized and decision making a little bit easier! =)

I appreciate that some business establishments take an extra mile when they consider their customers' needs.  I found this toddler's seat in one of the cubicles in a restroom.  It is definitely one thing each Mom would love to have when they take their restroom break!

The next one is for the OC or germophobic in us, haha!  I am neither but I avoid touching the door handle of the restroom when I am on my way out since I already washed my hands.  Thank you to whoever came up with this!  You are simply clever. . . and cool!  Haha! (Aliw!) 

One thing I love is Family Restrooms because they are super convenient for the whole family.   There is something for the parents and the kids.  Big and small toilets . . . 

and kiddie sinks too!  The Princess loved her sink she wanted to wash her hands over and over, haha!  (Anak, please conserve water)

When we had lunch at Chili's, we saw a tablet at our table which enables the customers to order drinks and appetizers (order for main meals are still being taken by waiters) and play games (for 99 cents).  What I love about it is you can pay your bill through this tablet and they would send a copy of it to you by email.  No more looking, asking and waiting for your waiter =)  (How to prevent people from leaving without paying?  I am sure Chili's has thought of that and has come up with something to address that concern, haha!) 

This is where we hit two birds with one stone --- grocery shopping for me and play time for the Princess!  Nice ride she got there. . . ehrrm I mean, nice cart!

I love these cute takeout bags from a French bakery (L' Amande)

There are also a couple of things which spelled ingenuity!

I am sure that Moms with baby boys have been peed on at least once in their Mommy life! So this baby product from Munchkin is a saver!  Haha!    

Spotted at a mall on a Sunday . . . a sundae made of canned products. . . literally.

And to end this post, here is something which really made me laugh!  

Naked Salad is a direct translation for "Lumpiang Hubad" (a Filipino vegetable dish).  Lumpiang Hubad is a vegetable spring roll minus the egg roll wrap, which makes it hubad (naked). =)

But if we translate it directly, that would make Lumpiang Hubad. . . a Naked Spring Roll?!

But Naked Salad definitely sounds fancier! Haha!

Will be sharing some more in future posts =)

Happy Weekend and Have Fun!

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