Thursday, September 4, 2014

Late Post: Nanay Pacing's from Baler

There are a few things I know about Baler.  It is a town in the province of Aurora in Philippines where the local film entitled "Baler"was also shot.  Probably the most unforgettable story about this place is about the Siege of Baler where a group of Spanish soldiers refused to surrender and besieged the Church of Baler where they stayed for over a year until they finally gave up, signifying the end of Spanish rule in Philippines. 

Baler has also become a favorite surfing spot in the Philippines which means more tourists are exploring the place! (Woohoo!) 

But this post is not really about Baler (haha!) but it's about something from Baler!

We got these (and suman) as pasalubong (gift) . . .

I'm not fond of Coco Jam but this is one Coco Jam that I like!

The peanut butter has the right amount of sweetness, it's creamy and easy to spread.  (I actually prefer our local peanut butter over imported ones)

I haven't been to Baler and I do hope I get the chance to go someday.  

If you are and looking for pasalubong, I recommend Nanay Pacing's Peanut Butter and Coco Jam! =)

For more details about Nanay Pacing, please visit their FB page =)

To know more about Baler, please click on this link.

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