Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Favorite Pancake place!

And it's not IHOP =)

I've always loved pancakes!  There is just something about them that is so comforting (or is it because of the butter and syrup? haha!)

One day, I was craving for some pancakes.  I could have made some but I wanted to eat pancakes that are not from a box.  We didn't go to IHOP because I was disappointed with their pancakes the last time we went there.  But I will go back to IHOP for their Big Steak Omelette!

What is my favorite pancake place?  It is The Original Pancake House!  (I got to know about this place through Yelp, my go-to resource for foodie places in LA)

So what was for breakfast?

I've mentioned in an earlier post, I have been craving for blueberries so I ordered some blueberry waffles!

I was expecting the waffle to be thick (which I usually like).  But after taking a bite, I didn't mind at all!  =)

You know you're enjoying your food when you don't care if you have a messy plate, haha!

The kids had Chocolate Chip Pancake --- I prefer their pancakes over IHOP's.

Half order - 3 pcs
Do you know what makes their waffles and pancakes really good?  It's their homemade whipped butter! I don't put butter in my waffles and pancakes but this is so good that I slathered my waffle with it!  I like that it doesn't taste too buttery.  It's like butter/cream, well, something like it. Haha!  (Wish I was a food blogger to give you a better description, haha!) 

And another reason why we go back to this place is because of Hubby's fave . . . the Homemade Corned Beef Hash!  It comes with two eggs and their famous Potato Pancakes.

A very satisfying and filling meal!

Writing this post made me crave for the blueberry waffle. . . . again!  Or perhaps I should try their signature Apple pancake or Dutch Baby.  Whatever it is, we will definitely be going back!

For more details (menu and location) about The Original Pancake House, please visit their website.

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