Friday, August 30, 2013

The Tale of the Red Bird Cage

Ate's school has scheduled different activities for the School Year.  They had the Fitness Awareness Week last July and today, they are having the Animal Fair.

Students were asked to bring their pet animals.  Since Ate doesn't have a pet yet, we've brainstormed (brainstormed!  the last time I used this term was when I was still working!  Haha!) on what is a suitable pet for her until we thought of getting her a pair of beautiful Java Sparrows (also known as Java Rice Birds).  
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So we have the birds, got a red bird cage and bird seeds.  I even started researching about this bird because we have to write something about them.  And of course, we need names!  So I picked Jack and Jill!  I know, I know, I could come up with better names!  Haha!  

Why Jack?  Because Jack Sparrow came to my mind, haha!  And when I think of Jack, I think of Jill!  It's either Jack and Jill or Jack and Rose of Titanic.  Jack and Jill won because it would be easier for Ate to say Jill than Rose!  Heehee. . .   

Pet, check. . . Food, check . . . Cage, check. . . Bird Facts, check. . . Names, check!  We are all set for the Animal Fair! Woohoo!  

That's what I thought . . .

At 7AM this morning, my sister walked into my room, woke me up and said . . ."Hey, your Jack and Jill went up the hill to get a pail of water" . . Hahaha!  I thought she was kidding!  But you know they did,  because they were GONE!!!  

What the!!!

From what we saw, the cage fell and its base cracked open.  That's what we think.

So we're back to square one!  And we have 3 hours before we go to school!  Crraammingggg time!!!

We have come up with different options, to cut the long story short, we just brought one of our kittens at home who is 3 weeks old and named him Max. . . he became Max just that morning!  Haha!  

Just in case you're wondering why we didn't think of the kitten earlier, we thought that birds would be more suitable for Ate because she might develop asthma. 

So here is our Max. . . in a red bird cage!  He is so tiny that the cage is perfect for him.

Thank you Max for saving the day!  You are truly special and unique!

He is unique. . . .because he was the only cat in the Animal Fair! Haha!

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