Monday, August 5, 2013

What the F!

And It's not what you are (might be) thinking, haha!  But my Sunday was all about the letter F!    

I had Fun with the Family . . . had some girl bonding time with L, my Sister (and as we grew older, she has become one of my Best friends too.  Sis, I know you are reading this---yiheee, haha) and some quality time with my Princess too.

Scored some good Finds that are marked down significantly. . . 70%!!!  Sweeeet!

Got myself a pair of jeans (from Php 3,150 to Php 945), a black linen capri (from Php 1,650 to Php 660) and a top (from 1,650 to Php 660).  You gotta love a Sale!  Haha!

And because we want to look good and be Fab for somebody (you will know who in the succeeding posts!) we went to the Salon.  

It was Ate's first time to have her hair cut in this Salon I go to.  We usually go to a Kids Salon for her haircut where there are toys and cartoons to watch.  But I think she's ready for a "grown up" salon!  She sat still, enjoyed being shampooed (I know it doesn't show, haha!  But she did like it) and didn't even mind the blow dry!

I waaannt her hair!  Haha!  And I think she loves it as much as we do!

And of course. . . though shall not forget. . . FOOD! Haha!  Having Ate with us only means we go to a place where there is soup and noodles. . . .so we had Ramen!

(Will be blogging about this in a separate post)

So yep, my Sunday was all about Fs.  But if I have to give one word to sum up everything, it was a Fruitful day!

Hope you enjoyed yours and wishing you a good week ahead!

As for me, I'm going to have a really, really memorable week!  You'll know why soon!

P.S., If you loved Ate's hair (we loved ours too!), please look for Lita at H&M Hair and Make-Up Studio located at 4/F, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati. =) 

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Anna Cariza Ongtioco said...

I really love to read your blogs. :-) when is our next date?this last week of august?what ya think?

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