Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crafts for a Cause by Kultura Filipino

One of the places I like going to is Kultura Filipino, found in all SM stores (affiliated with SM Incorporated since 2003).  It is a large retail chain which houses a wide array of local products (from food, fashion accessories, clothes, home decors, etc) that are export quality and are proudly Pinoy.  It is a popular place to go to for pasalubong (gifts) and even for personal shopping!  There are so many things one can find that sometimes, I just go there just to look around without really buying anything, haha!

On a recent trip to their branch in SM Aura, I went to Kultura Filipino and saw a corner which says Crafts for a Cause which piqued my interest.  There are so many beautiful things on that table that were made from recycled items.  To name a few, there were bags made from soda pull tabs . . .

And clutches made of Foil 

I wanted to take more pictures but there were Sales Associates and Security lingering around . . . and who (I feel) might tell me that taking pictures is not allowed!  So inunahan ko na, haha!  

I've googled about Kultura Filipino and their Crafts for a Cause project and saw a blog (www.pinasmuna.com) which has a post about it.  Please click on this link to read about it.

Who said Money can't buy Happiness?!  When we support projects like this, our Money goes a long way because it benefits and improves the lives of  the disadvantaged people from different communities.    

So what are we waiting for, tara na, let's go and Shooppp!!! =)

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