Monday, August 19, 2013


It's a bed-weather, rainy kind of day today . . .but I started the day right with a dose of laughter, thanks to Hubby!  As I've mentioned in my earlier posts, one thing I love about him is he is funny and can make me laugh. . . .even when he's not trying!

Hubby was sorting some photos taken with his phone when I saw some photos I just had to ask . . . WHY???

 . . . would he take a photo of a restaurant's menu at the airport?  (Coming to Manila, he had a 3-hour layover at Incheon Airport in Seoul, Korea) 

His reason:  So on his return flight to the US (where he has a 10-hour layover), he would already know what to eat!  Haha!  This photo of the menu would come in handy when he chooses from this wide array of menu options.            

Hubby is a thinker, systematic and organized, be it in his thoughts or on how he does things. . . so that's his Engineering background kicking in, haha!

And WHY would he take a picture of his luggage?

His reason:  Just in case he loses his luggage, having a photo in his phone would help him describe his luggage.  Or if somebody else claims it, he can easily show proof of ownership. 

WHY would he take a picture of an equipment?

His reason:  It's his work (and I won't bore you with the details!) . . .so he doesn't have to write down the serial numbers of the equipment (and that is not being lazy. . .it's being smart!  Haha!)

I wonder what else would come up in his phone's photo gallery!  Haha!

Hope you're having a good day today in spite of the gloomy weather =)

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