Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Midnight Cravings

It's 2AM and I couldn't sleep . . . and worst, I'm craving for this . . .

Pancake House's Clubhouse Sandwich!

Over the weekend, we had a Staycation in Manila (which I'll be blogging about in a separate post).  What's so nice about being in a Staycation (and having it on a weekend!) is you get to go on a food trip and satisfy whatever cravings you might have (and feel less guilty) because you know (no, you convince yourself!  Haha!) weekends are cheat days!  

So last Sunday, we had breakfast in Pancake House.  I ordered the Clubhouse Sandwich (only because I wasn't sure what to order).  It was such a beautifully made sandwich that I was soooo happy I ordered it! (You know how you feel like you hit a jackpot when you know you made the right decision in ordering your food?!  Haha!)   It has layers and layers of goodness---a chuncky chicken spread, crispy bacon, egg, cheese, crispy greens and fresh tomatoes!  AND the fries that came with it were Yummm!  Not to sound guilty. . .  but for the record, I shared this with Hubby!    

For Hubby, I ordered Beef Tapa, which he loved this time.  A few years ago, he came home and arrived in an early morning flight.  From the airport, we went to Pancake House to get some breakfast.  He ordered Beef Tapa but it was such a small serving that we had to order another one for him!  Haha!  We're glad that the Tapa he had last Sunday was far better than what he had last time.  

And for Ate, we ordered Choco-chip Pancake that came with Peanut Butter!  Wasn't able to take a photo of it because we were already hungry!  Haha! 

It was a really good and filling (and loaded with carbs, I know! Haha!) breakfast that we enjoyed.  

But the thing I enjoyed most is having breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning with my loved ones . . . something we miss doing together.

As for this midnight craving, I guess I will just sleep on it!
Goodnight everyone . . . Sweet dreams =)

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