Friday, August 2, 2013

She's got the moves . . .

Ate loves Music . . .one of the songs she liked before was "Moves like Jagger".

While she's far from experiencing the "Moves like Jagger" (and I pray that she won't ever!  Haha!), she has some moves of her own . . .

Some delaying tactics when she doesn't like what she's eating . . .
(Ate, just like what your Lola taught us, 
you should eat whatever is on the family dinner table . . . 
well in this case, your chair-table)

But she doesn't beat around the bush when she likes what she's eating
(Sarap ng buhay, eating while watching TV . . . parang ako lang, haha!)

The moves of a Donya . . .Donyang-Donya!
when there's somebody who spoils (not me!)

The moves of a good Interviewer . . .
listening intently to the Interviewee
("You're hired!") 

She is an active toddler who loves to explore and play around.  But sometimes, she has her lazy days.

Sarap nga naman kasi humiga!

And the most favorite of C (my friend and my Twinnie) . . .

The moves of Madam, hahaha!

Choose the caption for each photo:
1) Inday, maglampaso ka doon sa kusina.
2) Inday, mag-da-day-off ka na naman?
3) Inday, bakit ngayon ka lang?

Disclaimer: Wala pong Inday na inabuso at minaltrato sa mga larawan na ito,
ang mga ito ay pawang mga kathang isip lamang =)
In English. . . we are nice people, hahaha!

Have a groovy weekend!

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