Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Make My Day!

We're back to being three . . . Hubby left for the US early this morning (his flight departed at 1AM this morning).   

Yep, the kids brought him to the airport in their PJs =)

His three-week vacation went by so fast . . . we still have so much to do!

We've had this of arrangement for five years now and you would think that you'll get used to it, that it gets easier each time he leaves.  It doesn't.  It has actually become harder now that we have our kids.  In case you're wondering when we are joining him, well, we are in a waiting game.  Hopefully, we will join him sooner than the target date we expect.  

This isn't going to be a sappy post.  I just want to remember the precious time we have spent together where we just had a good time and shared so many laughs.

Even though we are thousands of miles apart, he still has a way of making my day =)

He has a 10 hour layover in Incheon Airport (Seoul) so he thought of taking the free tour that is being offered. 

Then I saw a Viber message saying that he sent me a photo!  Yayyy!  I was so excited to see it! He must have sent me a photo of him (because I'm sure he knows how much we miss him!) or what is there to see in the airport, documenting what he is eating (though he doesn't really do that, haha!) or doing!

Well, he sent me this, just this . . . .

Huneyyy!!!  Haha!  You could have at least included your face in this picture!  

I don't know why he would send me this picture!  

Let's do a Multiple choice!

a) He doesn't want to show his eye bags? (Puwede . . .)
b) He probably didn't notice that his face wasn't on the frame? (I don't think so . . .)
c) Art shot?!!! (Where's the Art? Haha!)
d) He wants to show me a picture of the Group Tour's pin?  (Bakit?)
e) He doesn't do selfies! (Puwede din!)

Let's see what he says . . . 

He just sent me a message saying that he's back from his City Tour and would just take a shower (there's free shower in the airport.  Don't you wish we offer amenities like this in our airport?!).

Have a nice day ahead!  Hope somebody made your day too to start it right =)

Or be that somebody to make someone's day!

Huney, thank you for always making my day!  We love and miss you soooo much!

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