Friday, August 23, 2013

Hubby says . . .

This post is dedicated to my very good friends M and M, who are Hubby's biggest fans!  They probably love him more than me, Hahaha!!!

Hubby continues to make me laugh with his funny hirits (remarks).  Well, they're funny to me, heehee.

He saw this passport-sized photo of Ate.  You would probably think that he would say she's pretty or how cute she is . . . he didn't.

Hubby:  Parang pinatong yung wig sa ulo ni Ate. (Haha!  Actually, may point siya ano?  Aminin!  Haha!  No offense will be taken!)   


Just this afternoon, I read that Ben Affleck is going to play the role of  Batman in the "Man of Steel" sequel.

Me (excited!):  Hun, si Ben Affleck, magiging Batman sa movie!!!.  Okay siyang maging Batman ano?  Bagay!

Hubby: Ummm (not really convinced). . .Naka-maskara naman eh.  (Oo nga naman, in a way, it won't really matter, haha!)

At meron pang pahabol na  hirit. . . 

It's the lips that make Batman!. (Haaa???!  Haha!)

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Happy Weekend!!!  

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