Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ms. Worry Wart

A nice thought to start our week right. . . .

"WORRYING does not take away Tomorrow's TROUBLES,
 it takes away Today's PEACE."

As a case in point. . .

We're planning to get a US tourist visa for Zola so we can visit her Dad this year.  And I was telling hubby I really hope that she's going to get a visa.  I'm worried that she might not get one if they know that her dad is based in the US (he is an immigrant).  You know how they assume all tourists have the intention of overstaying .  And I think visiting my husband may be a good enough reason for them to think that we won't come back anymore to PH.  And even if she gets one, what if the Immigration Officer at the airport won't let us in (having a visa doesn't guarantee entry to the US).  What if . . . blah. . blah. . .blah. . . see, my worrying never stops! Haha!  

And while I was ranting. . .hubby in his usual cool and collected manner said, "Baby, just get her a passport first."  *facepalm*  Hahaha!  And he is absolutely right!  I was 100 steps ahead and was thinking of the worst case scenario while Zola doesn't even have a passport yet! Yes i'm a true blue worry wart.  (And I thank God everyday for giving me a partner like Zola's Dad who calms me and makes me feel better all the time)

When I think of those times that I worry too much,  I could have used those precious time in doing something productive like playing with Zola, or have a good conversation with hubby or call friends I haven't talked to in a while.  Worrying is indeed a waste of time and energy.  As they say, most of the things that we worry sometimes never happen.   

So enough of worrying and let's just all be happy!  Have a worry-free week ahead!

Hakuna Matata!

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