Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Food Find: Delimondo Corned Beef

I'm in a good mood today (not that I'm in a bad mood most of the times, hehe)  Okay, so i'm in a verrry good mood today because I had a good breakfast!  Breakfast today was more special because I had corned beef!   IT IS special . . .  if you have been eating toast and a slice of cheese for the past few days!  Haha!    

So we tried the Delimondo Corned Beef which my friends and food bloggers have been raving about.  I am proud to say that this premium corned beef is manufactured locally and tastes good!  It did not disappoint.  What I like best about it is it's not salty (unless because we sauteed it with tomatoes) and  chunky (some corned beef have finer texture).   It also comes in Garlic Chili flavor.  This corned beef definitely found its way in my "favorite" list.     

I think I need a better camera! 

As indicated in the can: "Premium corned beef made the old fashioned way

with 100% pure beef cut in long shreds.  
Cured with select spices through a special process to ensure its distinctive
 that goes well with your favorite corned beef recipe." 

This is how we prepare our corned beef -
Sauteeing it with garlic, onion, tomatoes plus some potatoes

This definitely goes well with garlic fried rice (and I'm sure one cup won't be enough!) . . . BUT I had it with wheat bread *sigh* . . . .because I know I'll feel guilty the whole day if I give in to rice! Haha!  (Remember my favorite number?)

Delimondo Corned Beef is available at S & R Club and Salcedo Village (Makati) Saturday Market.  (I am not sure which local supermarkets carry this brand.)

For more information about Delimondo and its other products, please visit their FB page.


Mimi said...

Hi Anna!

I love Delimondo too! We get ours pag may wedding kami sa Splendido hehe.

Ana said...

Hi Mimi! Thanks for visiting the blog =) Pantry staple din pala ang Delimondo sa M+K household! sarap noh?! =)

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