Friday, March 23, 2012

Home Alone

Yes, I'm home alone. . . everybody at home had plans this afternoon. . . including the Little One! Haha!  (She visited some family friends with her grandparents)  I stayed behind to do things on my To-Do list  (which I don't get to do because a 9 month old baby who is curious on just about everything needs a mom's full attention or else. . . )    

Before I start checking off my list, I thought of having something to eat since I only had soup and bread for lunch.  I was looking for something filling and found nothing that appeals to my rumbling tummy . . . until I saw some leftover pasta noodles.  I checked the pantry for other ingredients which I can use for the pasta and found some Pomodoro sauce, canned tuna and bell peppers.  I'm glad we have some olive oil and parmesan cheese at the pantry too.  And the Focaccia bread we got a couple of days ago added a nice touch!  This Italian meal looks promising!

(Grocery tip:  I always stock up the pantry with food like pasta sauce and noodles and other fix-ins that can come in handy anytime especially when there are unexpected guests!)   

After a few minuts of doing all the cooking preps, TADAHHHH!!!! 

A home cooked pasta and  ice-cold Coke  Light. . . Life is good!

But it's definitely much better (and brighter) if the Little One is around.  I hope they come home soon. . .

Have a nice and restful weekend!

Hope your day went well =)
Be thankful for something good that happened to you today.

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