Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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I caught the movie "Mask of Zorro" in Star Movies over the weekend and hearing the characters' names such as Alejandro, Diego, Luiz rekindled my love for Spanish names.

When I got pregnant, I was excited to pick names for our Little One.  We started working on our name list for boys' and girls' names earlier in the pregnancy.  (Picking out names is probably one of the most overwhelming things for parents!  Too overwhelming that we only finalized the name for the Little One a few days before my scheduled CS operation, haha!)   

I already told Zola's Dad that I love Spanish names!  While thinking of a name for boys, I remember telling him that if our baby is a boy, I like the name "Rafael".  Why?  So I can call him "Rafa"!  (The love for the name "Rafa" actually came first. . .*sigh* . . .this is what happens when you have a crush on Nadal! Heehee)  

But I still have other names on the list. . . Miguel . . .Carlos. . .Javier. . .Joaquin. . . Matteo. . .  

But for now, all I can do is just reserve these for "future use". . .let's see if Zola's Dad and I will do something about it, hahaha!

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