Friday, March 16, 2012

Pillow Talk

Lately, I haven't been sleeping well at night . . .because I am missing my favorite pillow, haha!  I've had this pillow for six years now.  I haven't shared this pillow with anyone . . .not until last week, when I had to let it go and give it to the Little One.  (She's been sleeping more soundly when she uses it)  

Let me share with you the special story behind this pillow.

When I was still working, I went to Shanghai for a business trip and stayed at the St. Regis Hotel.  This hotel has one of the most comfortable beds and sheets I've ever slept in and has the fluffiest pillows ever (did I tell you that they were goose feather pillows?!)

While talking to our Hotel Account Officer, I raved about my room and of course, the pillows which I absolutely loooved!  And before I checked out of the hotel, a box was delivered to my room and when I opened it, I was suprised (more of shocked!) to see THE pillow. . . waiting to be packed in my suitcase!   I was really touched by this kind gesture, very heartwarming!  They indeed made me feel a valued guest.  And that my dear friends is NOT customer satisfaction but CUSTOMER DELIGHT. . . going the extra mile, delivering something that is unexpected!  And this is the reason why this pillow is extra special.

As much as I love this favorite pillow of mine, I would easily give it up if it would make the Little One more comfortable in her sleep.  Just as how the hotel showed me how much they value me, I would like to show the Little One how precious and important she is to me.

Goodnight Little One. . . Sweet dreams . . .

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