Friday, October 5, 2012

Priceless Prada

No, this is not another post about a dream bag. . .it's about my most favorite photo from the weekend.

While strolling in the mall, look what the Little One found . . . her first Prada bag!  (In our dreams!!! haha!)

The Sales Associate (a very nice Korean lady) was so fond of her that she gave the bag to the Little One, for her to carry (and I was hoping. . . to bring home too, haha!)  She even suggested that we should take a photo of the Little One.  She even took it for us.  So after taking this photo, the Little One just started playing with it and after a few minutes . . .dropped it on the floor!. . .just like what she does with her toys! *Gasp*  (Yes, that glorious, red leather bag just sitting on the floor!)  So before the Little One does any damage to the bag, we returned it to the shelf. . . where it belongs!

A Prada bag is special but seeing the Little One carrying this arm candy (in all her cuteness) . . . priceless!  

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